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Coolroom Calibrations - do it right the first time!

Did you know, that it is an essential part of Food Safety standards to have your Coolroom/Freezer thermostats calibrated using equipment tested in NATA accredited laboratories each year?

Equipment to enable this is not something that comes with an off –the-shelf system;  we have spent well over $30,000.00 in obtaining the equipment & ensuring it is tested to NATA standards; ensuring that audits are never called into question.

NATA accredited labaratories test equipment to the highest standard each time, every time.  That ensures you get the best, most accurate reading possible each and every time.

At Sheren Electrics, we have the equipment that will test and record the accuracy of your equipment, ensuring that all records are correct; and all conducted in a NATA accredited laboratory.

Whether it’s every 6 months, or every 12 months; Sheren will ensure that you never miss a calibration again with our reminder service.

Once your calibrations are completed, a report is given to the client to ensure that any audit is passed with flying colours.

Don’t regret wasting money on insufficient calibrations; do it right the first time!